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Binocular Vision Evaluations

At Dr. Hopkins & Associates Optometry Eye Doctors Offer Better Lives Through Better Vision

Woman Student Happy 1280x853That means improved visual performance that allows you to achieve your potential in school, work, sports, and your favorite hobbies. Undetected vision problems can have a profound effect on learning. In fact, as many as one in four children of school age have a vision problem that can affect learning. Our eye doctors specialize in detecting and treating these binocular vision disorders so students can achieve their goals. A binocular vision evaluation is a crucial first step to finding out if a student’s vision is keeping them from succeeding in school. People of all ages have binocular vision problems that affect reading, writing, and computer use. Children with visual problems become adults with vision problems. In today’s high-demand visual world, vision that supports comfort and efficiency is imperative for success.

  • Blur at near
  • Double vision
  • Headaches
  • Avoiding near work/ reading
  • Misaligns digits/columns
  • Fatigue with reading
  • Poor comprehension
  • Poor handwriting
  • Skipping or repeating lines when reading
  • Omitting small words when reading
  • Poor or inconsistent sports performance
  • Unable to judge distances accurately
  • Visually overwhelmed in crowded situations
  • Words run together or move on the page

We also specialize in sports vision training and visual rehabilitation after a brain injury. Please contact Dr. Hopkins & Associates Optometry for more information. To schedule a binocular vision evaluation call 905-468-8002