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Derapage is founded on the principles of innovative research into materials and a sixth sense for trends in the evolution of style, design and color. Derapage eyewear expresses Italian design and style with a rule for quality all the while experimenting with innovation of materials, production techniques and shapes. With painstaking dedication to craftsmanship and attention to fine detail, Derapage aims to satisfy and surprise the customer.

The Derapage collection was inspired by the grace and fast pace of automobile racing as the word derapage describes a way of negotiating a curve during a car race that pushes the limits of driver control and car performance. With similar daring and sophisticated technological engineering, Derapage eyewear pushes the capabilities of eyewear to the extreme.

With unique designs and manufacturing techniques, Derapage creates unique, award – winning designs with creative and unusual features. All Derapage eyewear is produced to the highest standards of quality – hi-tech eyewear with an exclusive design – a true vision of the future.

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Urgent Care Only

At this time, our St. Catharines Office will be closed and our Niagara-on-the-Lake Office will be taking only urgent care patients.

Our office hours will be limited due to new restrictions so please call and leave a detailed message and we will return your call within 2 hours during the day or by the next morning if the message is left after hours. Take care and be well!!

Niagara-on-the-Lake Office Phone: (905) 468-8002