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Sperry AdSince 1935, Sperry has delivered shoes, clothing and accessories to accompany an adventurous, sea-worthy lifestyle. Sperry eyewear combines style, fashion and the newest trends to offer a brand of eyewear that is suitable for all situations, with great design, function and durability.

Vibrant color combinations, a large variety of fashionable shapes and materials and superior craftsmanship define the Sperry line of eyewear. With signature details of the iconic fashion brand such as the sail boat logo integrated into the frames, the eyewear is accented with a classic touch. Timeless style and limitless design options offer high quality craftsmanship to any taste and style.

With a slightly edgy and whimsical style, Sperry eyewear stands for a love of the outdoors and a fun and adventurous lifestyle. From classic looks to vibrant patterns, the Sperry eyeglasses and sunglasses collections offer a range of designs for individuals who seek authentic Sperry quality, function and fashion.

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