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Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Here are some of the collections we offer:

  • Dilem
  • Dutz Eyewear
  • Evatik
  • Fysh
  • KLiiK
  • Maui Jim
  • Nicole Miller
  • Ogi
  • Ray-Ban
  • Stepper
  • WOOW
  • Traction Productions
  • Kate Spade
  • Tiffany
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Modo
  • Easyclip
  • Oakley
  • Seraphin
  • Modz Kids
  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Nano
  • Ray-Ban Junior
  • Guess?
  • Tom Ford
  • Black Fin

And MANY more!!


  • Eyewear that is born to be wild.
  • Modern Sophistication
  • Eyewear for Life
  • Nonprescription eyewear protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and acts as a barrier against wind or dust when outdoors.
  • The cutting edge of eyewear - the look is for those who dare.
  • Born Recycled. The eyewear that lets you Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good.
  • Made with a true passion for comfort and design resulting in some of the most comfortable eyewear in the world.
  • Distinct style inspired by a perfect balance of eyewear intelligence and novel influences. Designed to keep you staring.
  • Unique and funky, Fysh is inspired by the beauty and freedom of the sea. Fashion eyewear for women who are hooked on life!
  • Gucci represents world class luxury, Italian heritage and modern style. The latest in glamour and fashion always makes a women feel special.
  • Jimmy Choo is an iconic luxury fashion brand defined by an empowered sense of glamour and a confident sense of style.
  • Where innovation and style make a perfect match.
  • Eyewear Inspired by the living world
  • The best optics in prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.
  • Eyewear for the individual
  • Scandinavian inspired sleek light weight and unique with masculine design and functionality.
  • Modern day Creativity with Classic French Know-How
  • The newest in Danish style and technology with great colors and bold designs.
  • OWP: Glasses that not only look perfect, but in fact are perfect.
  • Eyewear designed for elegant, stylish, practical and fashion loving men and women.
  • Genuine Since 1937
  • Eyes are the Window to Each Unique Soul. They Are Your Eyes, This is Your Story
  • Inspired by a time where sophistication and romance drove fashion, Seraphin celebrates the glamour of retro style.
  • "Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.
  • Ocean-ready, adventurous and timelessly fashionable eyewear.
  • Dedicated to the creation of outstanding glasses. Eyewear fashion that fits.
  • Adding sparkle to people's lives with extravagance, sophistication and style.
  • Eyewear and Motivational Life Coach. The glasses that talk to you.


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