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Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Here are some of the collections we offer:


  • Adidas
  • Alfred Sung
  • Carrera
  • Derapage
  • Dilem
  • Dutz Eyewear
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Evatik
  • fysh
  • imago
  • Izumi
  • Jones ny
  • Klick
  • krave
  • La Matta
  • marc jacobs
  • Maui Jim
  • Munic
  • nicolemiller
  • ogi
  • Ray-Ban
  • Saks Fifth Ave
  • Silhouette
  • sperry
  • Stepper
  • tommyhilfiger logo
  • Vanni

And MANY more!!

Optician’s Picks

Is there such a thing as too much choice? Sometimes the selection of eyewear on the market can be overwhelming. We can help! Our Optician’s Pick list highlights brands that have been proven winners with both our staff and our customers. Click to learn more about each one:

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  • Modern Sophistication
  • Eyewear that is born to be wild.
  • Eyewear for Life
  • Nonprescription eyewear protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and acts as a barrier against wind or dust when outdoors.
  • The cutting edge of eyewear - the look is for those who dare.
  • Born Recycled. The eyewear that lets you Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good.
  • Made with a true passion for comfort and design resulting in some of the most comfortable eyewear in the world.
  • Distinct style inspired by a perfect balance of eyewear intelligence and novel influences. Designed to keep you staring.
  • Unique and funky, Fysh is inspired by the beauty and freedom of the sea. Fashion eyewear for women who are hooked on life!
  • Gucci represents world class luxury, Italian heritage and modern style. The latest in glamour and fashion always makes a women feel special.
  • Jimmy Choo is an iconic luxury fashion brand defined by an empowered sense of glamour and a confident sense of style.
  • Where innovation and style make a perfect match.
  • Eyewear Inspired by the living world
  • The best optics in prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.
  • Eyewear for the individual
  • Scandinavian inspired sleek light weight and unique with masculine design and functionality.
  • Modern day Creativity with Classic French Know-How
  • The newest in Danish style and technology with great colors and bold designs.
  • OWP: Glasses that not only look perfect, but in fact are perfect.
  • Eyewear designed for elegant, stylish, practical and fashion loving men and women.
  • Genuine Since 1937
  • Eyes are the Window to Each Unique Soul. They Are Your Eyes, This is Your Story
  • Inspired by a time where sophistication and romance drove fashion, Seraphin celebrates the glamour of retro style.
  • "Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.
  • Ocean-ready, adventurous and timelessly fashionable eyewear.
  • Dedicated to the creation of outstanding glasses. Eyewear fashion that fits.
  • Adding sparkle to people's lives with extravagance, sophistication and style.
  • Eyewear and Motivational Life Coach. The glasses that talk to you.